Conqueror Freight Network
Bali. Indonesia. 6 - 8 May 2018
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A worldwide alliance of hand-picked freight forwarders in exclusive territories, disciplined cooperation, and a single brand name --that's the CONQUEROR formula for growing your business!

The CONQUEROR Freight Network (CQR) gives one agent in each local market the advantages that only the biggest logistics players once enjoyed: a global brand, a network of top-class agents, well-defined territories, and much more!

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Conqueror Freight Network


As a CONQUEROR member you will receive routed cargo, freehands, and sales leads in your exclusive territory from other members around the world.

Cooperation between CQR members is monitored.
Never again will you depend on unknown agents.

With a global brand name, and backed by a network of selected overseas partners, you can bid for the biggest contracts. In addition, your costs will drop as the CONQUEROR organization negotiates lower rates from carriers and insurers.

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To make the CONQUEROR brand a symbol of integrity, quality, and reliability across the globe, our members must be demonstrably solvent, competitive, and trustworthy. All agents must add value to the brand, and bring business to the network.

That's why applicants undergo a rigorous selection process, and why we periodically check on our members' financial health and credit.

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