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Krung Thep, City of Angels, is the Thai name for the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The city covers an area of 58 square miles with the Chao Praya River running right through it. Thanks to its ability to offer everything from mega malls and an extensive nightlife to temples and 200 year old village houses, no visitor ever leaves disappointed.

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Language: Thai but English is widely spoken.
Time: UTC/GMT +7
Tax: VAT 7% (Refundable for tourists in participating stores)
Electricity: 220 volts a/c
Measures: Metric System
Tipping: 10% is usually automatically added in restaurants. If not, 10% is an appropriate amount to leave.
Emergency Tel: 1155 (English speaking operator)
Business hours: Banks 08:30/09:30 - 15:30 Monday to Friday (Only branches in malls are open at the weekend, see below for Mall opening hours)
Office Hours 08:00/09:00 - 16:00/17:00 Monday to Friday
Shops 08:00/09:00 - 21:00 or later (Malls are open 10:00 - 20:00/21:00 daily)


Hot and humid is the best way to describe Bangkok's weather. The hottest months are from March to May when temperatures can reach as high as 40C/104F.


The conference:
Business. (Men: Tie and jacket required).
Annual Meeting Generally: Light clothes because of the heat and high humidity.* Annual Meeting
*Shorts and t-shirts are deemed unsuitable for entry to government offices. To enter a temple, you should be modestly dressed (legs and shoulders covered).


450 temples serve the 92% of the population who are Buddhist.
The remaining 8% is made up of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and a small Jewish community.


Money: Baht is the currency of Thailand. Major currency bills and traveller cheques are cashed easily at hotels, tourist shops, all provincial banks, shopping centres and money changers. Annual The Coop Meeting
Credit cards: They are widely accepted in hotels, tour agencies, as well as certain restaurants and shops. Visa and MasterCard are the most widely accepted, followed by American Express and Japan Card Bureau (JCB). You will need cash for markets, streets stalls and when paying for transport.


Pickpockets: On the whole Bangkok is a safe city. The biggest problem tourist's face is pickpocketing. Pickpockets generally operate in markets and stations. Annual Meeting
Credit card: When paying by credit card, ensure it is kept in plain sight. The card should not need to be taken away to process your bill.
Car driving: Cars drive on the left side of the road as per the UK, Australia etc. Watch out for motorbikes; they are renowned for using the wrong side of the road. It is best to use pedestrian bridges to cross roads as cars are not known for stopping at crossings, even when the lights are red!


Vaccinations: No vaccinations are required to enter Thailand. However, please check with your GP as to what they recommend. Only drink tap water with the seal intact and avoid ice at road stalls as it's not usually stored hygienically. Cylindrical ice with a hole in the middle is usually ok.
Yellow fever: If you have travelled from/through a yellow fever infected country then you must produce an International Health Certificate proving you have had the yellow fever vaccination. For more information, please click here. The certificate must be submitted with the visa application form and presented to the immigration officer at the point of entry into Thailand. Annual Meeting


WAI: Thais greet each other with a WAI (by pressing the palms together at the chest), so if a local offers a WAI then it is deemed proper to return it.
Smile: Smile! It will help you to be more polite and get you out of confrontational situations, which Thais hate.
Bear in mind: Do not point at anything with your feet as feet are seen to be the lowliest part of the body. Furthermore, do not touch anyone on the head as it is the most sacred part.
Royal family: They are to be shown the utmost respect at all times. Even standing on a coin with the face of the Queen would be seen as disrespectful.
Temple: - Dress modestly (legs and shoulders to be covered)
- Women must not hand anything to a monk or touch them
- Remove shoes before entering

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