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Annual Conqueror Meeting

You will be aware that developing a strong worldwide network of agents can, if not carefully thought out, require vast expenditure both in time and money travelling the world to meet and consolidate relationships with your partners.

All the members in one place at one time

During the annual meeting every CQR member comes together in one place at one time, thus saving substantial absences from the office as well as considerable travel expenses. Instead of travelling to country after country and city after city to meet the same amount of people and exchange the same amount of business, you travel to just one.

Forge lasting relationships

Conqueror's annual meeting is the time when you can promote your business on an international platform, do deals and as one of our 2012 delegates put it, 'forge lasting relationships'. Our annual meetings are, without doubt, the biggest benefit you can take advantage of as a Conqueror member, which is why it is of the upmost importance that all members attend.

Countless opportunities

You will have two days of one-to-one meetings, which you will be able to book yourself via the one-to-one online scheduler.

As well as the more formal settings, there will be many opportunities in more relaxed surroundings to have conversations with other members.

Whether it's having a cocktail, enjoying lunch or drinking a coffee between meetings, there will be countless opportunities to build relationships and do business!

The next Annual Conqueror Meeting

It will provide plenty of opportunities to build such relationships, key to the success of any business. After all, if given the choice, we would all choose to do business with those we know and trust the most.

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Business Image
Juan Arango
CQR Dallas
Dallas, United States
Getting to know the persons face to face, and sharing some time with them, helps tremendously in business relations.

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Jo Ellis
Office Manager
CQR Felixstowe
Felixstowe, United Kingdom
The 2017 conference was my first and I must say it was extremely well organised. My fellow members are a fantastic group of people and the network has a definite "family feel" to it. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again next year! Thank you so much.

Business Image
Sapee Ismail
CQR Kuala Lumpur
CQR Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Added value and quality every year with positive performance.

Business Image
Ian Connell
CQR Felixstowe
Felixstowe, United Kingdom
A really well organised meeting with some real quality members, I like the format and the way the 3 days were run. A really professional network. Looking forward to next year.

Business Image
Ty Sotharith
General Manager
CQR Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
I was delighted to meet again our value partners from CQR to continue developing business with each other. See you next year! Thanks.

Business Image
Colin Moonsamy
National Freight Manager
CQR Durban
Durban, South Africa

It has been a great opportunity to have met with international professionals who share one common goal which is to " Conquer the world". A big thank you to the CQR team for a well organised and high standard conference. 

Business Image
Bruce McMurray
NZ General Manager
CQR Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand
I have returned to New Zealand and wanted to say thank you for the wonderful conference. It was a pleasure to meet so many good like-minded companies and I sincerely hope we can work towards some solid partnerships with fellow Conqueror members as time progresses. 

Business Image
Rami M. Al Omari
Managing Director
CQR Amman/Aqaba
Amman/Aqaba, Jordan
A big thank you for the fantastic event you put together for us. The food, the hotel, the presentations,... it was a fabulous experience for me as a newcomer. It exceeded my expectations, making some terrific connections and many networking contacts for future events.
The networking opportunities were invaluable! 
I look forward to working with many of the group members that I met.

Business Image
Abdul Kadar
Business Development Manager
CQR Kuwait
Kuwait, Kuwait

The Meeting was really good and we were able to get close with some agents and are thinking of doing some business with them in the near future. We thank the CQR team for making this conference a great success.

Business Image
Ronee Sengupta
Regional Manager
CQR Kolkata
Kolkata, India
The quality of the companies attending was high and the agents were very positive in their approach for future business and mutual cooperation.

Business Image
Nabiul Amin
Executive Director Sales and Marketing
CQR Dhaka
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I had a great time in Bangkok and it has certainly added value to my knowledge and understanding of this trade. I think Conqueror has given us a good platform to start and continue doing business with our CQR partners. Keep up your good work and I am looking forward to seeing you all in 2014.

Business Image
Richard Brook-Hart
Managing Director
CQR Durban
Durban, South Africa
This was the first freight forwarders conference that I have attended and I was most impressed with the professional way in which you and your team organised the event. The synchronisation of the entire programme was flawless.

Business Image
David Aherne
Managing Director
CQR Melbourne
Melbourne , Australia
I thought the meeting was very well organised and again it was great to see friends and meet new agents. I think the main strength of the meeting was that 90% of the agents were the same as last year, which is great for continuity as it usually takes a couple of years to build solid relationships. Conqueror’s vigorous selection process also helped, meaning all the agents in attendance were high quality partners.

Business Image
Peter Kemp
Operations Director
CQR Southampton
Southampton, United Kingdom
A big thank you to the CQR team for a great conference. A lot of contacts made and business done.

Business Image
Aamir Butt
HOD Imports
UF Logistics
Lahore, Pakistan

Participating in this conference was a great opportunity as we made commitments to expand our business with selected members.

Business Image
Hattie Huang
General Manager
CQR Qingdao
Qingdao, China
It was a wonderful event and we all had a fantastic time in Bangkok. Thanks goes to you and your amazing team for making it happen. CQR is one of the greatest networks in the world. I really appreciate your organization and hard work.

Business Image
CQR Seoul
Seoul, Korea, South
We were very pleased to meet so many members in the same place. I was also very happy to meet Conqueror’s esteemed team. We are in awe of your sincere and hospitable approach to the 2nd annual meeting.

Business Image
Michael Liu
Director of Business Development
CQR Ningbo
Ningbo, China

I appreciate the CQR team’s arrangement of this great conference, I enjoyed it a lot. I am looking forward to meeting everyone again next year.

Business Image
Ismail Sapee
CQR Kuala Lumpur
, Malaysia
It was a wonderful experience meeting quality companies and quality people together. It was a great success in promoting lasting partnerships and strengthening collaboration worldwide.

Business Image
Jarkko Lamminpaa
Business Development Manager
CQR Helsinki
, Finland
First of all thank you for hosting a great meeting! All parts of the conference were very professionally organized. Safely on ground and working on leads/business started from the meetings.

Business Image
Sujit Basu Mazumder
Executive Director
CQR Kolkata
, India
I must admit that every arrangement from start to finish was excellent. 'Kudos to You and Your team' - very professional. Everything was well thought out, planned and executed properly. The fixing of meetings via your one-to-one scheduler was also excellent as we could all fix meetings of our choice well in advance.

Business Image
Jenny Tan
CQR Singapore
, Singapore
It was a great conference and we enjoyed meeting all the members. We shall definitely liaise with all Conqueror members and look forward to having mutual co-operation and increasing our business together.

Business Image
P.N. Swaroop
Director for International Sales and Marketing
CQR Mumbai
, India
It was real pleasure to meet you all during the CQR Conference in Phuket. It was clear during our stay together that we have something common which brought all of us together in Phuket. The common goal we have is to conquer the world together. We can assure you that we at Modern Cargo will do everything possible to achieve our common goal. So let us work together to achieve our common goal. We look forward to fruitful business cooperation between our companies for mutual benefit.

Business Image
Max Hatchwell
CQR Le Havre
, France
I must congratulate you and the 'Dream Team' (Virginia, Vanessa) for the very professional organization you have set up and showed during those few days in Phuket. What to say about this Conference is that everything was there; No mistakes or criticisms to make. I have found this conference very useful and noted with pleasure that all members were aggressive and honest in their approach. I look forward to the pleasure of next year's conference now that the CQR train is on the right rail to Conquer the World.

Business Image
Gary Cortes
Vice President/ Marketing and Sales Manager
CQR Cebu City
, Philippines
Thank you very much for sharing with us your most precious time, positive ideas, strategy, and everything during our one to one discussions and at the meeting at the tables outside the venue. See you at next year's conference. Wherever Antonio Torres/Virginia and Vanessa take us. I'm certain, we will all be sharing success stories! 

Business Image
Horst Moeller
CQR Hamburg
, Germany
I thoroughly enjoyed all the meetings and do sincerely hope that it will be to the benefit of all of us. Let’s start working together. I do believe that we will have many fruitful relationships in the not too distant future. Already, I can say that I made many friends during our meeting. Thanks to all of you.

Business Image
Keree Chaichanavong
Managing Director
CQR Bangkok
, Thailand
I have to say congratulations on your successful and well organized 1st Conqueror annual meeting. As you can see from the many emails exchanged between CQR members about the meeting in Phuket, everyone was happy with the meeting, and they all got to make very good new friends and business partners. I hope I can meet all of them again at next year’s CQR meeting. 

Business Image
Ras Masood
DGM Ocean Freight/Agency Networking
CQR Dubai
, United Arab Emirates
It was wonderful meeting you all and I look forward to my business growing together with Conqueror.

Business Image
Agarwal Pankaj
CQR New Delhi
, India
It was nice out there in Phuket and overall it was well organised. It was good to meet CQR partners face to face.

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