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If you are accepted as a member of the CONQUEROR Freight Network (CQR), here's what you get:

An Exclusive Territory

In each of the world's 472 main ports and airports we accept only one freight forwarder to represent the CQR on an exclusive basis. Each CQR member operates as a "virtual branch office" of the network.

Clear Definition of Territories

To avoid overlapping and territorial conflicts, our online Agent Finder tool shows the exact territory assigned to each CQR member. Just enter the name of the city of pickup or delivery of your shipment to find the nearest CQR member (only members may use this tool).

New Business

All CQR members agree to use other CQR members for a steadily growing percentage of their total shipments, and compliance with this rule is verified periodically. This means that you will receive routed cargo, freehands, and sales leads from the entire network, and you can continue to work with your current partners where you choose.

Reliable Partners Everywhere

All CQR members are carefully selected for their financial strength, creditworthiness, reputation, business volume, and competitiveness. And they are all bound by our strict rules -the penalty for breaking them is expulsion. As a CQR agent never again will you struggle with agents who want your shipments but won't give you theirs, and never again will you work with unknown agents who are unproductive, unreliable, or bad payers.

Complete Member Information

Member Profiles on our password-protected intranet show the CQR member's trading name, location, contact details, photos, current local charges, any special capabilities or services, bank details, and our recommended credit limit.

Faster Quotations

All CQR members will post their current local charges for normal departure/arrival of air/sea shipments (Air, FCL, LCL) on our password-protected intranet, so any CQR member can view the rates online and make quotations without having to contact the other member. This will also diminish the chance of any unpleasant surprises.

Payment Protection

Our comprehensive protection against non-payment or late payment of invoices includes the strict enforcement of payment rules, the publication of a recommended credit risk limit for each CQR member, and special coverage against non-payment resulting from bankruptcy or closure.

A Global Brand

CQR is a attractive option for shippers who seek the service quality that only independent local agents provide, combined with the global scope, dimensions, and competitiveness of a large multinational group. And an international campaign to publicize the CQR brand will stress the quality of our membership and the discipline of our organization.

Standard Protocols and Forms

CQR has protocols and forms covering intra-network Communications, Sales Leads, Response Times, Requests for Quotations, Profit Sharing, Payments, and the Disputes Resolution Service.

A Chance to Bid for the Largest Contracts

Supported by a global brand name and a network of strong overseas partners, your firm can bid for the largest contracts from major exporters, in the confidence that you will be able to meet your commitments.

Lower Rates from Carriers and Insurers

As we now reach a critical mass of members, their aggregate volume will shortly be used to negotiate lower rates from airlines, shipping lines and insurers.

The Best Online Tools

Annual Convention

Attendance of the CQR Annual Meeting, is mandatory; here CQR members can meet, find new business opportunities, and discuss the latest trends and issues.

Personalised Member Brochure

This is a brochure about your company which you can give to current and prospective clients.

To see the Brochure template, click here.

Personalised Powerpoint Presentation

This is a presentation which you can use in sales meetings; we have even included a script in the notes section for the presenter.

To see the PowerPoint template, click here.

Personalised Website

A modern and easy to navigate website which will give you that key online presence which is so vital in the current market.

To see the website template, click here.

Personalised Video

A video which you can place on your current website or the one we create for you that you can show to customers and partners, highlighting your company's key skills.

To see the video template, click here.

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