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Zona Yu
Deputy Manager of Overseas Department
Guangzhou, China
Conqueror is a network where you can find reliable agents/partners, as well as financial protection to increase your business.
Under the professional management of CQR its staff, members can enjoy the annual meeting, which has been such a memorable experience.

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Juan Arango
Dallas, United States
Conqueror is a really close Network. Being exclusive per city makes it easier to cooperate and help other agents out, that also makes the quality a lot higher than most other Networks.
Important from the meetings is getting to know the persons face to face, and share some time with them, what helps tremendously in business relations.

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Arif Nadeem
Sialkot, Pakistan
As Conqueror Family, We feel secured and confident while transacting our business towards Global market.
The Conqueror Family is friendly, helping each other to grow and serve safely, quickly and responding promptly. TEKNIK MOVERS feel Pride being Conqueror Family and founder member.

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Kyung Moon Ra
Pusan, Korea, South
We were very proud to be accepted as a member of the Conqueror network, and almost every day we have the pleasure of seeing a new member on the website. We contact all members to exchange information with them, and are finding good partners.

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Mr M'barek
Marketing Manager
Casablanca, Morocco
It's been a few months now since we started operating as Conqueror's sole agent in Casablanca and to be honest, we are feeling a big difference. Today, almost all our traffic is being consigned or handled by CQR agents, namely in Spain and Japan and our network agencies are expanding every day thanks to Conqueror.
All the CQR members we are dealing with are extremely professional and take their jobs seriously.
I no longer have to question how reliable or solvent an agent is because Conqueror only has ELITE Freight Forwarders.
If you want to enjoy the benefits as we do, join the CQR NETWORK. We are sure to be the first to welcome you on board!

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Reynir Gislason
Executive President
Lima, Peru
As you know, Global Logistics has changed considerably in the past few years as companies globalize and centralize their raw and finished supply systems ever more. Smaller importers and exporters are compressing their cycles, from purchase to sales, by way of direct shipments and the centralization of their timely delivery systems.
What does all of this mean for international freight forwarding companies who are not globalized? Multinational forwarding companies such as DHL, UPS, FedEx, Panalpina etc. who have supply chain logistics management systems at regional levels, are taking a greater share of the international freight forwarding market.
What are the consequences for local and regional freight forwarding companies? Those who are not forward thinking in participation in strong global freight alliances will eventually be consumed by this globalization process of international freight forwarding conglomerates.
What is the real solution?One of the strongest global freight forwarding alliances/groups is Conqueror Freight Network. This network is based on the principle of having the strongest agent in each of the world's largest seaports/airports.Once agents pass the strict selection process, they work as exclusive forwarders in their territories.
This network protects and promotes its members better than most. Visibility, promotion, and unity have helped the IFS Group a lot. Having participated in the last conference, I can attest to the professionalism of this group. Any forward thinking, local or regional, forwarding company should join Conqueror, as it offers the necessary capabilities to compete with these multinational freight forwarding conglomerates.
At the end of the day, we are in a customer-centric business and always will be. Therefore, a personal local/regional service cannot be matched. Our solution is to be in a global alliance which offers a local, personal, friendly yet global service at competitive rates.

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Paul Tsui
Managing Director
Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
The overall capabilities and competitiveness of members in Conqueror Network are solid, and the response time and effectiveness of communication are at a high standard. Most important is the reciprocal mechanism that benefits all members, the fact that each city has only one member, so there is no possibility of competition between members. Conqueror is one of the best networks in the market, and I would recommend it to others.

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Bob Roubitchek
Chicago, United States
We joined the Conqueror network in February 2011. In this short time as a Conqueror partner, we have personally visited with several Conqueror partners, received several "free hand" shipments, and consigned several "free hand" shipments of our own. We have found that Conqueror partners communicate quicky with good information and competitive rates. We have experience with other associations and networks and we are very pleasantly surprised with the quality of this network.
We plan to remain a partner after our introductory membership expires in July 2011.

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Javier Sanguesa
Sales Manager
Stockholm, Sweden
We do plan to continue as members and we are happy to make our contribution as good and professional colleagues. Thanks to Conqueror for what we regard as a fresh and up-to-date approach to networking where quality and reliability are synonyms for success. If those are implemented in fact, then we will have a real winning team.

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Susantha Fernando
Male, Maldives
Joining Conqueror network is an important step forward in our business during the year 2011. We managed to secure very important shipments with assistance of Conqueror network members. We appreciate negotiable competitive rates, reasonable profit share and consistent support from Conqueror network administration. We found strong members from many important ports that are strategically important for our business. We believe that Ocean Logistics Pvt Limited and Conqueror network relationship will contribute considerably to 2011 company profitability.

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Keree Chaichanavong
Managing Director
Bangkok, Thailand
It's our great pleasure to be associated with Conqueror Freight Network. As a member we feel relaxed and confident to cooperate with other members. There are attractive principles which should lead interested agents to consider and decide to join the network, such as selected agent exclusively represents a city location. It's encouraging to have a sole agent fully engaged in the business opportunities at the location and work together with other members elsewhere. The most vital issue for this industry is that we all need to be sure that our bills get paid, and the protection plan against late and non-payment helps reduce members' worries.

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Nurul Amin
Managing Director
Dhaka, Bangladesh
We have been in the Conqueror Network since January 2011 when there were still very few members. Being in the trade well over 33 years I know many networks. The selection process, based on verification of the business volumes and financial strength of prospective members, is what encouraged me to join, and it indicates whether a member is active or not. I am happy to note that in 4 months' time CQR has members in almost half of the global territories, and that all members are strong players in their territories. I am sure very soon CQR will achieve 80 per cent coverage to make the network strong in the industry.
We CQR members are independent forwarders in our own territories. We have strong advantages over global companies because of our local knowledge and ability to match service requirements. But we have limitations in terms of having our own offices in many locations. CQR give us the platform to find strong companies in global markets. I wish all success to CQR.

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Anton Stoykov
Managing Director
Sofia, Bulgaria
I would like to congratulate you on building up an active network that seems to be different from most of the others. In the short period since we joined Conqueror, we have received several inquiries, have got positive support in response to our requests and are in contact with a good number of partners.

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